Lysimachos AR Tetradrachm, GVF, Very RARE!, 305 - 281 B.C.E.

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Thompson-- (similar to 1750), Muller---, (same dies as A. Hess sale 207, # 227 ex Hermitage museum collection), BOLD GVF, few light cleaning scratches, areas of uneven patina, 29.8mm, 16.62 grams, Struck Circa. Early-Mid 3rd Century B.C.E., Uncertain Mint

Obverse: Diademed head of the deified Alexander right, with horn of Ammon

Reverse: Athena Nikephoros seated to left left, resting arm on round shield, and holding Nike crowning legend, spear behind, BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΛYΣIMAXOY to sides, MAP monogram in inner left field, uncertain symbols in exergue

BOLD and attractive, a very RARE type with only a handful known! A bit lighter a brighter than the photo suggests, with light golden toning in the devices.