"Lamelech" LMLK King Hezekiah Jar Handle, Biblical Period Iron Age, Zyf, Circa. 700 B.C.E. SOLD



The Biblical City of Zyf, Circa. 700 B.C.E.

Zyf Handle, type Z4CI, for more research about this type and Lamelech handles in general, see www.lmlk.com

Measures 64mm x 48mm, depth 44mm, LMLK ZYF (spelling Lamelech Zyf). The top word LMLK is letters present on this impression (struck on the side). The first two letters "LM" are partial and faint. The last two letters "LK" are BOLD and complete

These are handles are from jugs or pithos that held grains, wine or oil in the storehouses of King Hezekia. There is an account of the king setting up these storehouses, in the Bible, Chronicles II, Chapter 11. The city of Zyf is also mentioned there explicitly. The seals were struck on the clay before it hardened and are usually partial, sometimes presenting only outlines. (Full impressions are exceedingly expensive) See the above web address for more information about these handles in general. A very interesting Biblical Artifact!

The city of Zyf was an important Biblical city mentioned many times in the Bible. Even King David mentioned the city in Psalms, Chapter 54.